Our Competencies

With more than a decade in the field, we have been able to establish in the field of Enterprise Risk Management, through consulting, risk awareness and competency development.

With 12 years of experience, our competencies expand into Strategic Management, Supply Chain Risk Management, Project Risk Management, Internal Audit Services, Business Continuity Management (BCM), Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) and Risk Modeling & Engineering (Early Warning System ).

Why do we need Risk Management?
  • Any organization, profit taking or non-profit taking, limited corporations or public services, will have to face the constant changes in their business environment.
  • Some of these changes create uncertainties which may turn into risks, problems, losses or even crises, if they are not addressed effectively in time.
  • The consequences of failing to manage their risks have caused many corporations to give up their long-held positions to their competitors; some are even to face bankruptcies and lawsuits due to their process, activities, products and services failures.