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We... Risk Workshop International... will give you a new paradigm of risk management at every seminar that we held annually.
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Any company that has been implementing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) must expect that the investment yields results that is it creates the intended results. ERM that creates value will satisfy some essential requirements: strong top or senior management commitment, aligned and integrated process of risk management from top down and bottom up to across all the enterprise. Values created through ERM initiatives and implementation would include a higher and sustained performance, a resilient company vis a vis unexpected catastrophic events, and a responsive culture that is always able to adapt toany changes in its business environment.

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Latest Seminar

World Continuity Congress

Business Continuity Management...
Why Necessary?
Mengantisipasi dan Mengelola Risiko Katastropik yang Berpotensi Menghentikan Kegiatan Usaha

18 - 19 Desember 2013
Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel - Bali

2013 Indonesian Supply Chain Risk Management


28 - 29 November 2013
The Phoenix Hotel - Yogyakarta

2013 Annual BCM Seminar

Revisiting Business Continuity Management
Managing Your Organization Before & After Disaster - Based on ISO 22301:2012 BCM System Standard

7 - 8 May 2013
GH. Universal Hotel - Bandung